St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra, Russia, 2017


Tour Infomation: 28th April - 15th May, 2017  Shenzhen Concert Hall,Guangzhou Xinghai Concert Hall,Shanghai Oriental Art Centre,Jiangsu Grand Theatre,Macau Cultural Centre

China National Peking Opera Company, China, 2017


Tour Dates: 13th May - 27th May, 2017

Theatertreffen in China, 2017


Tour Information: 7th June - 8th July, 2017  Beijing Tianqiao Arts Centre

Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, China, 2017


Tour Infomation: 1st - 12th June,2017  Tianjin Grand Theatre,Peking University Hall,Shenyang Shengjing Grand Theatre,Shanghai Poly Grand Theatre,Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall,Chengdu Telunsu Concert Hall

Hong Kong Ballet, 2017


Tour Infomation: 13th - 29th June, 2017  Beijing Tianqiao Arts Centre,Hangzhou Grand Theatre,Shanghai Poly Grand Theatre,Shandong Grand Theatre

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In memory of Ludwig van Beethoven, the Wiener Symphoniker presented the nine Beethoven symphonies to China.

Piano maestro Rudolf Buchbinder once again dedicates the 32 Beethoven Sonatas to China at the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall.

Gürzenich Orchestra of Cologne concludes its 2017 China Tour under the baton of the renowned conductor François-Xavier Roth....

In 50 days, over four hundred musicians have completed the 4 routes by giving performances on the stages of 27 historical cities in 14 countries...

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