Vivaldianno 3D Concert, Czech, 2019

Tour Dates: 4th December - 19th December, 2019

Program: Vivaldianno City of Mirrors

Tour Dates
  • 4th December - 19th December, 2019


The music project Vivaldianno – City of Mirrors was created in 2016 by composer and lyricist Michael Dvorak (author and producer), filmmaker and animation artist Kosuke Sugimoto (animations) and musician, screenwriter and dramaturge Tomas Belko (screenplay) in the idea of creating a new & unique concert experience combining live music with narrative storytelling and 3D projections. With a live orchestra, a string quartet as well as drums, percussion and Indian flute on stage, the concert is performed by international virtuoso musicians from around the globe. Local musicians or star soloists can be integrated in this multifaceted project. The opening tour featured famous acoustic and electric cello virtuoso Tina Guo (Hans Zimmer, Foo Fighters, Stevie Wonder, Peter Gabriel, soloist in Cirque Du Soleil's Michael Jackson "The Immortal" World Tour from 2011-2013, the San Diego Symphony, etc.) Since 2016, Vivaldianno – City of Mirrors has given 35 performances in 23 cities and 15 countries, reaching over 250,000 enthusiastic spectators and listeners of all ages. Every time the show is adjusted to the respective language and venue space to guarantee an unforgettable experience for our fans.

Program: Vivaldianno City of Mirrors-Incredible 3D Concert Story

A new, unique concert show in 3D: Live music, video projection and animation, engaging dance choreographies and spoken word. Antonio Vivaldi is born prematurely during an earthquake in the 17th century in Venice, Italy. We follow the fascinating struggle of the music genius and his life's hopes and losses, loves and despairs – an intriguing story accompanied by a mysterious indestructible mirror, told by a narrator (in local language). Grounded in the music of the Baroque, the performance is expanded with contemporary sound and propelled by contemporary energy. An orchestra, which covers classical as well as art-rock instrumentation, occupies the stage between largeformat projections in front and in the back of it. Along with a complex and sophisticated light design that utilizes cutting-edge technologies, it gives the audience an unequalled musical experience in 3D. Vivaldianno, created in 2016, has been presented so far in some 15 countries on 3 continents, selling out large concert hall venues or small arena venues up to 5,000 seats. It is a spectacular musical and visual adventure bringing on stage the extraordinary works of the Baroque genius Antonio Vivaldi in modern arrangements, combined with stunning visuals, an unforgettable show experience appealing to younger and older audiences.

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