“The Belt and Road – Music throughout Macao”, a Paean to Friendship by Young Musicians from Nine Countries

“The Belt and Road – Music throughout Macao” International Youth Music Festival 2019...

“The Belt and Road – Music throughout Macao” International Youth Music Festival 2019 – an event presented by Macao Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, jointly presented by Macao Municipal Affairs Bureau, the Cultural Affairs Bureau and the Tourism Office, and organized by Wu Promotion – was successfully held on 15-22 July. The closing concert was led by the festival’s Artistic Director Mr. Yan Huichang, a renowned Chinese music conductor who also holds the titles of Artistic Director and Principal Conductor for Life of Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. More than 300 young musicians from nine “One Belt, One Road” countries performed on their folk instruments the festival anthem Join in Hand as a perfect finale for the event and a paean to friendship and harmony.

Through its distinctive music language, Join in Hands embodies the very essence of the festival. “The event gave the young people an opportunity to know the folk instruments and indigenous music that they had never heard before. They broadened their vision and honed skills with each other. For them, it was an invaluable experience,” said Artistic Director Mr. Yan Huichang.

During the intense yet exciting week of the festival, over 300 young musicians from 17 different youth orchestras gave three flash mob performances, three highly interactive workshops, and three well-designed concerts at Macao’s landmark sites. Through music they enjoyed the cross-cultural exchange and established firm friendships. And despite the busy schedule for rehearsals and concerts, they participated in a few activities in their limited spare time, such as a cultural tour in Macao and an MV shoot of the festival anthem. They were all enraptured at taking the pulse of the modest-sized city. These brilliant rising music stars imbued beautiful Macao with youthful colors, and the fusion of diverse cultures added freshness and liveliness to a sweltering July.