The Ballet Preljocaj, France, 2018

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Tour Dates: 24th April - 29th April, 2018  


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Tour Dates: 27th April - 14th May, 2018

WDR Symphony Orchestra Cologne, Germany, 2018

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Tour Dates: 10th May - 28th May, 2018

The Ballet Company Of Teatro Alla Scala, 2018

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Tour Dates: 24th August - 24th September, 2018

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The Verbier Festival in Switzerland, represented by The Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra celebrated its 25th anniversary...

From 26th January to 22nd February, Wu Promotion's cultural project The Grand Chinese New Year Concert (CNYC)...

The start of 2018 was celebrated by the 3rd cooperation between Wu Promotion and the great choreographer Boris Eifman along with his acclaimed company.

Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra and Ballet offered extraordinary performances as the closing of '2017 Mariinsky Theatre Festival in China'...

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