The Company


Founded in Beijing in 1991 by Zezhou Wu and Jiatong Wu, Wu Promotion is one of China’s first and today leading performing arts promoters and event organizers. Inspired by a deep passion and dedication to music, Wu Promotion strives to enhance cultural exchange by actively promoting the performing arts and capturing the beauty and diversity of the world’s culture through unique events. From the head-office in Beijing, its international and professional team organizes today more than 500 concerts and events per year, in China and worldwide.


Wu Promotion is a major provider of performing art productions to professional theatres and concert halls across Asia, ranging from orchestra, choir and chamber music concerts to dance, opera and theater performances. Wu Promotion also hosts and co-organizes large-scale festivals and performing art events. In addition, we also arrange world tours for outstanding Asian performing art groups across the globe.


By collaborating with outstanding performing arts groups of the world, Wu Promotion targets at building up an independent international brand. At present, we own two well-known productions “Grand Chinese New Year Concert” and “Peking Opera Festival”.


Besides promoting the classical performing arts, in our Family Entertainment segment, we offer premium entertainment from all over the world. Each year, our team fly all over the world to watch hundreds of live shows, to select the best and most innovative ones to touch family audiences.


Our arts education program provides supreme customized services for young people across Asia, who are offered unique opportunities to attend master classes, and a privileged chance to follow the footsteps of the greatest musicians and choreographers who ever lived. By attending our education programs they will obtain comprehensive knowledge of Western culture, history, music and art; widening their vision and intercultural understanding.


Wu Promotion now also offers exclusive culture tour packages. These custom made tour packages give our clients the opportunity to appreciate the performances of world‘s most renowned orchestras, ballets, theaters etc., in their home venues or during internationally renowned art festivals; providing an unforgettable experience.

Our Services

  • International performing arts agency
  • Promotion and organization of all genres of performing arts, in China and worldwide.
  • Organization of large scale international tours for orchestras, opera, ballet, theatre and other professional performing troupes from different countries.
  • Event management, public and media relations management.
  • Organization of Cultural Exchange opportunities for professional ensembles, e.g. choirs and youth orchestras


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