Remembering you and starting again! Wu Promotion will set up the "Wu Zezhou Music Fund"

In the early hours of January 7, 2021, Mr. Wu Zezhou, one of the founders of Wu Promotion, left the world and his family he loved due to illness...

In the early hours of January 7, 2021, Mr. Wu Zezhou, one of the founders of Wu Promotion, left the world and his family he loved due to illness, and his life of science and art permanently ended on that day...... Mr. Wu Zezhou once proposed, at the very beginning of Wu Promotion’s establishment, that "I would like to do my utmost to introduce the outstanding cultures of various regions of the world to China, and if there is an opportunity, I would like to follow the path of my foregoers and spread the excellent Chinese culture and art to each corner of the world". He has passed away, but those who come after him will continue to move forward without forgetting the original intention.

Mr. Wu Zezhou

On the first anniversary of Mr. Wu Zezhou's death, Wu Promotion officially launched the preparation work of setting up the Wu Zezhou Music Fund, in order to memorize and carry on Mr. Wu Zezhou's vision of "promoting the essence of Chinese culture and art to the world stage and international cultural market through the efforts of our own people. If opportunities arise, I would like to dedicate my life's passion and efforts to the promotion of traditional Chinese culture and the exchange of culture and arts between China and abroad". The memorial fund is not only for the sake of not forgetting the original heart, but also for the sake of a new departure!

The "Wu Zezhou Music Fund" is an exclusively non-profit project for public benefit, aiming to promote the exchange of music and arts between China and abroad with its own efforts, such as to set up financial aid to music talents, and support young muscians and singers to perform on the Chinese and foreignstages.

The Fund plans to select 1-3 young Chinese classical music performers aged between 15-30 each year. Depending on the conditions and needs, the selected young talents will receive the following benefits from the Fund: Recommendation to collaborate with international orchestras and perform concerts in and outside China; recommendation to participate in famous international music festivals; arrangement to participate in famous international music competitions; introduction to famous international music schools and instructors for further study; assistance to sign with suitable international agencies; as well as recommendation to international record labels for recording albums.

The Fund plans to select 1-3 young opera singers aged 25-30 each year among Chinese and overseas Chinese. They will be arranged and funded to participate in the "International Opera Studio for Young Singers in World Famous Opera Houses", in collaboration with Wu Promotion’s theatre partners around the world, including Wiener Staatsoper, Teatro alla Scala, Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Bayerische Staatsoper and Marinsky Theatre, etc

The "Wu Zezhou Music Fund" aims to build a bridge between young Chinese artists and world-renowned orchestras and theatres in the classical music world by utilizing Wu Promotion's artistic resources and oversea networks in the past 30 years. It will provide more opportunities for young talents to grow and develop, and help Chinese classical music talents to enter the world stage.

Art knows no borders, it can always enlighten the soul and comfort the heart May the "Wu Zezhou Music Fund" be like a small but continuous flame, bringing a little light to young talented artists who need help in their growth and development, so that they will have the strength and confidence to walk on the road of their dreams, to achieve something and to warm their hearts.

Today is a day of remembrance.
Today is a day of hope.
We hope that more like-minded people will join us ,become members of the "Wu Zezhou Music Fund" Family and walk with us towards the future.

Details of the “Wu Zezhou Music Fund” will be announced in due course, please keep following on our website.