Grand Chinese New Year Concerts in Europe from 4th-14th February, 2010


Successful tour of the Grand Chinese New Year Concerts in Europe from 4th-14th February, 2010

Grand Chinese New Year Concert Tour in Europe and Egypt. It is to our delight to have honoured the success of this tradition for the 13th time by bringing to the foreign audiences again, the China Broadcasting Traditional Orchestra with its much sought-after conductor, Pan Kapang. Wu Promotion is proud to announce the first successful tour in the Year of Tiger of the

Maestro Pan, in spite of his youth, has already directed the most outstanding traditional orchestras in China.  Many celebrated soloists were invited to join the tour, like Mrs. JIANG Kemei with her Huqin (Chinese violin) and Mr. ZHOU Dongchao with his Suona (Chinese reed-lamina trumpet).

Furthermore, the aesthetic musical experience at the concert was enhanced by the unique insight offered into the Chinese culture with the combination of the Chinese instruments and custom designed Chinese attires wore during the performances.

The orchestra and the performances were met warmly and have received immense support from the passionate audiences in each city.

A special mention for the performance in Zürich as it was also part of the celebration of the 60 Years Anniversary of Chino-Swiss relationship.  We would like to take this opportunity to dedicate our special thanks to the Governmental President of Zürich, Frau Regine Aeppli and the Head of the Cultural Department of Zürich, Dr. Jeanpierre Hoby for their contribution towards the organisation of the concert.

Also, many thanks for the support from Mr. Jing Dunquan (Vice President of Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries), Frau Erika Forster (President), Frau Regine Aeppli (Governmental President of the Canton of Zurich), Frau Dr. Ursula Gut (Councillor of the Canton of Zurich) and Mr. Martin Vollenwyder (City Councillor of Zurich).

Last but not least, we would like to thank the most welcoming support of the old and new audiences who have attended to the Grand Chinese New Year Concert.