The Ring of the Nibelung comes to China!


First Official Press Conference for the Shanghai Premiere of Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen.

Wu Promotion and the Cologne Opera with the presences of our local partners Xin Min Group, the Shanghai Grand Theatre, and Shanghai City Dance, are delighted to have held the First Official Press Conference for the Shanghai Premiere of Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen on 30th March, 2010 at the Shanghai Grand Theatre’s VIP Lounge.

The opening greeting was prepared by Mr. Jürgen Roters, Mayor of the Cologne City through a DVD specially made for this press conference.  Presenters at the press conference include: Dr. Birgit Meyer, Opera Director of Cologne Opera; Mr. Zhang Zhe, Director of Shanghai Grand Theatre; Mr. Han Chunpei, President of Xin Min Group; Mr. Wu Jiatong, General Manager of Wu Promotion Co. Ltd.; and Mr. Zhang Guoyong, President of Shanghai Opera House.

Special thanks are given to Mr. Li Ming, COO of the Shanghai City Dance Company Limited, who was also presented at the press conference.

The press conference was hosted by Mr. Wang Yong, professor from Shanghai Music Conservatory.  Ms. Urte Fechter, Director of German Pavilion also attended the press conference to demonstrate the support from the German society.  Moreover, the Ring in Shanghai is officially recommended by the International Association of the Wagner Societies

Cologne Opera will perform two complete cycles of Der Ring des Nibelungen in Shanghai Grand Theatre: 1st cycle from 16th – 19th September with the 2nd cycle from 21st- 24th September.  In an undertaking that will require the effort of 315 artists - producers, stage designers, costume designers, makeup artists and technicians – this guest performance is an exceptional exertion indeed. Cologne Opera will remain in China for a month.  30 containers full of scenery will be moved to China in a voyage lasting 21 days and spanning 14,000 km. This circumstance alone casts a light upon the special significance of cultural exchange within the theatre and opera scene in Asia.

As the most significant cultural event during Shanghai Expo, Der Ring des Nibelungen aroused strong interest from both Chinese and international media.   The press conference received over 40 journalists, amongst which are from Xinhua News Agency, Xinmin News, Wenhui News, Oriental Morning Post, Shanghai Daily, AM990, Reuters, Newsweekly, Singapore Post and South China Morning Post.  ARD also has the opportunuity to conduct a special interview with Dr. Meyer from the Cologne Opera after the press conference.

It was announced at the press conference that during the first week of the box office opening (estimated at end of April), package tickets (a complete set of four nights) will be offered with a 20% discount.  Ticket reservations can be made immediately starting from the press conference.

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