Agog Plays in Juvenile Delinquency Schools

Cooperating with Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, Wu Promotion brought Dutch jazz trio Agog to two juvenile delinquency schools in Beijing.

Started in July 2002, Agog won the Dutch Jazz Competition. As a unique group in the European jazz scene, it boasts the expressive repertoire and intensity of the performance. Although the drummer, Joost Lijbaart has been to China before, it was the first time for the trio to perform in China.

Besides the concerts in Beijing Mao Live House, Changanyi Theater and Guangzhou Grand Theater, Agog presented two special concerts in Haidian Juvenile Delinquency School and Chaoyang Juvenile Delinquency School. Students had a chance to experience the avant-garde jazz by European musicians.



For most students there, it was a fresh experience to know jazz. Lijabaart made a brief introduction about each song and talked about their creation process. After the concerts, many students were passionate to ask questions about jazz. In the Chaoyang school, one of students performed Peking Opera in appreciation of Agog’s performance.

As an educational program, Wu Promotion aims to organize more similar events in the future for people to enjoy and learn music.

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