Acrobatic Ballet, "Swan Lake" Performs in Sweden Royal Pre-Wedding Concert

The big gala concert for the Swedish Royal wedding was held in Stockholm Concert Hall. The acrobatic ballet, Swan Lake, was the only Asian performance at the gala.


The wedding’s Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westing recently became the main focus. To celebrate the wedding, many world top performing troupes were invited to perform. On June 18, the  big gala concert was held in Stockholm Concert Hall. The acrobatic ballet, “Pas De Deux”, jointly presented by China Ministry of Culture and Wu Promotion, was the only Asian performance at the gala concert.


Supported by the Swedish government, the future queen’s wedding became the biggest and most luxurious wedding of this century. Many royalties from around the world attended the gala concert and the ceremony in Stockholm Cathedral. The Pre-Wedding Concert was one of the big events of the entire wedding celebration.


Accompanied by Kungliga Filharmonikerna, Wei Baohua and Wu Zhengdan showed the audience their impressive dancing skills. This Pas de Deux is selected from "Swan Lake", the acrobatic version of Tchaikovsky’s ballet-classic. It is a hymn on the human body. Power, grace and perfection of China’s acrobatic traditions add a new dimension to this classic ballet. This worldwide unique “Pas de Deux” won the “Golden Clown Trophy” at the International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo. Wu Promotion has collaborated with China Entertainment GmbH & Co. KG to hold sixteen performances in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in February 2008. Starting late September 2008, the second European tour with over a hundred performances was again a great success. 

Princess Victoria showed her interest and fondness for this performance. She has spent a year working  for Swedish Embassy in China. After the performance, Crown Princess Victoria and her husband, Daniel Westing greeted the performers, Wei Baohua and Wu Zhengdan (see caption 2). Prince Albert and his girlfriend from Monaco, Charlene Wittstock also complimented this show (see photo 3).