Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra Achieves Great Success in Europe

On 2nd October, the first large-scale European tour of Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra was rounded off in Brussels Flagey Studio Four, Belgium.

Dvorak Music Festival, Prague

On 2nd October, with the prolonged applause from the audience, the first large-scale European tour of Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra was rounded off in Brussels Flagey Studio Four, Belgium. Since the smashing debut performance held on 16th September at Italian MITO Music Festival in Torino, the orchestra kept on surprising its audience all the way round. Under the direction of the famous Chinese conductor – Maestro Tang Muhai, the orchestra made its mark in 8 cities of 6 different countries, including Verona, Torino of Italy, Vienna of Austria, Prague of Czech Republic, Berlin of Germany, Stockholm and Goteborg of Sweden, Brussels of Belgium. Their performances have drawn a hot fascination from the European music enthusiasts.

During the tour, the orchestra performed exquisite pieces selected from both traditional Chinese repertoire and classical Western repertoire. The melody of Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake (Gaolu soloist Huang Danhong) gave the audience a stirring impression of the peaceful scenery of Hangzhou's West Lake. The Flying Partridge, which is based on a poem by the great ancient Chinese poet Li Po and including an inspiring contribution from bamboo flute soloist Jiang Guoji, carefully traced the ornate and weightless flight of a partridge. In the second half of the concert the Orchestra revealed its technical virtuosity with Dvorak's famed and spectacular pieces. Doubtlessly, it was an unforgettable, refreshing experience for music lovers.

Austria, Wiener Konzerthaus

On 19th September, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Austria and China, Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra performed a special concert with the renowned Vienna pianist Mathias Fletzberger at the Konzerthaus in Vienna (Wiener Konzerthaus). On 21st September, as the only Asian orchestra invited, the orchestra appeared on the stage of Prague Dvorak Festival. At the end of concert, all the audience stood up and burst into long-lasting applause to the Chinese musicians. And then, on 27th September, the melody of Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake and other traditional Chinese tunes moved about 1500 audience in the Stockholm Concert Hall; they also recalled nostalgias of local Chinese. This tour is sponsored by the car manufacturer Geely Holding Group.

From left to the right: Huang Danhong, Chen Xiling, Wu jiatong, Maestro Tang Muhai; Jiang Guoji in the Brussels Flagey Studio Belgium

Regarding this tour, there has been a vigorous dissemination of reports made by various domestic media, such as China Culture Daily, Music weekly, Zhejiang Daily and so on.

Report by China Culture Daily http://epaper.ccdy.cn/page/1/2011-09/29/5/201109295_pdf.PDF

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