The National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine Achieves Success in China

The National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine arrived in the city of Nanning on the Christmas day of 2011, and therefore started a two-week tour in China.

The National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine arrived in the city of Nanning on the Christmas day of 2011, and therefore started a two-week tour in China. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Diplomatic Relationship between China and Ukraine, the orchestra had successfully toured in more than six cities of China, including Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Nanning, Zhuhai and Tangshan.

As the time of a New Year began, the Italian conductor Nicola Giuliani chose very carefully the programs for this tour. On the first half of the concert, programs that played are the specialties of the orchestra, and for the second half, a series of well-selected works from Strauss family. Before each concert commenced, Giuliani would entertain audiences by giving a short introduction about this renowned family in a vivid way.

To the audience's delight, the orchestra added some cheerful elements into their interpretation of music. While playing "Seufzer Galopp" (Sighing), Op. 9, all the musicians sighed together so as to commensurate with the name of this piece. When it came to "Plappermäulchen" (Chatterbox) Polka, Op. 245 , the conductor invited the audiences to sing "Ha Ha Ha" together with the tempo. Those joyful episodes brought the concert to the climax. Many audiences reflected positively about the concert, which was received very well with most having a very enjoyable experience.

Two excellent singers and two brilliant pianists during the tour participated in most of the performances together with the orchestra. The tenor Vladislav Goray sung several most demanding works of Tchaikovsky, and the Soprano Anastasiya Sannikova interpreted J. Offenbach's Doll Song in an agreeably humorous way. They both left the audiences great impressions.

The Horus Piano Duo consists of two extremely talented pianists; Nora Emödy and Ahmed Abou-Zahra. Though a Piano duo might seem somewhat unfamiliar to the Chinese market, the live performances of Horus were warmly welcomed. Their fantastic skills and provoking passion deeply moved the audience. It was the blend of classical and modern music; a perfect mixture of western and eastern styles. When the last note was finished, the audience burst into prolonged cheering and applause that fully displayed their great admiration for the artists.

Wherever the orchestra went, heated fascination was drawn from the locals. While touring in the city of Zhongshan, many classical buffs broke through the security and sneaked into the back stage trying to get a photo or a signature from the conductor. In Zhuhai, as strongly requested by the audience, the orchestra encored for an additional three times. What's more, after the performance in Chongqing, the venue staff were bombarded with various questions about the orchestra, asking if they would come back to perform the next year.

Likewise, the artists also had a great time during their tour in China. In Chongqing, many musicians visited Chaotianmen and enjoyed a splendid view of the cross between Changjiang and Jialing rivers. "It was just like London, but even better!" someone from the orchestra said admiringly. In Beijing, the orchestra climbed the Great wall and became the "real man". For most of the musicians, it was the first time coming visit China, and the adventure of exploring this country made them feel excited from the very beginning till the end. However, all good things come to an end, on departure; the concertmaster gave his words- "Next year, we will be back for sure!"