The 16th Grand Chinese New Year Concert, 2013

The 16th Grand Chinese New Year Concert started its prelude in Europe under the organization of Wu Promotion.

Shaanxi Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra gives a brilliant concert at the KKL Luzern, Switzerland

As the 2013 Chinese Lunar Year drawing closer, the 16th Grand Chinese New Year Concert started its prelude in Europe under the organization of Wu Promotion. Music lovers in Europe got together to celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival with Shaanxi Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra. After 15 tours in Europe, the Chinese Grand New Year Concert gradually entered the cultural calendar of European society and become a musical event much expected. Nowadays, people around the world get more opportunities in getting into contact with Chinese culture and they become more fascinated each day. As part of Chinese culture, traditional Chinese music hence The Grand Chinese New Year Concert had also made its contribution to deepen the influence of Chinese culture worldwide.

From January 25th to 31st, 2013, under the baton of Maestro Lie Zhang, Shaanxi Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra successfully performed in Switzerland, Germany and Czech Republic, giving three exotic concerts to celebrate the traditional Spring Festival with European audience. Besides General’s Order, Old Locust Trees Seek for Their Roots, Jasmine Flower, The Silk Road performed by the complete ensemble, dizi soloist Zhang Yanwu, guzheng soloist Zhangjie, suona soloist Yang Xiaoxian also showcased on the stage, providing the local people a chance to appreciate the traditional Chinese musical instruments. At the same time, Li Ya and Du Pengpeng sang Chinese folk songs and highlighted the nights with their beautiful voices and unique melodies.

During the tour, Shaanxi Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra has received great attention and support. Chinese Ambassador in Switzerland Wu Ken and his wife Guo Jiqiu attended the concert and visited the musicians. In addition, after the concert in Bremen Germany, the audience gave a standing ovation and was reluctant to leave. The performance in Czech won a full house as well. From February 2nd to 4th 2013, Shaanxi Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra will continue its tour in Czech and Germany, giving more concerts to the audience.

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