The world-renowned dancer Maestro Malakhov led Staatsballett Berlin's debut in China

Led by the world-renowned dance Maestro Vladimir Malakhov, Staatsballett Berlin debuted in China and staged eight performances...

On June 6th, Staatsballett Berlin performs Mixed Program at the NCPA.

From June 1st to 15th, 2013, led by the world-renowned dance Maestro Vladimir Malakhov, Staatsballett Berlin debuted in China and staged eight performances in the NCPA in Beijing and Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center in Taipei. LA PÉRI recreated by Malakhov, the epic work Caravaggio and the Mixed Program comprised of traditional and modern works, all fascinated the audience. In Beijing, each performance has won thunderous applause and call for "encore" over and over again. In Taipei, the ballet fans applauded for 20 minutes without stop after the performances to convey their appreciation and respect to the artists.

Up: LA PÉRI, Down: The Sofa

After its debut in 1843, LA PÉRI gradually disappeared from world stage. During this China tour, "the god of century in dance" - Malakhov brought the precious LA PÉRI back to life. Inspired by historic lithographs, Malakhov created this exclusive production. Besides the beauty of ballet, the audience was also impressed by the charming music, gorgeous stage and the exotic costume design. The Mixed Program consisted of 11 dances that combined both classical and modern works. It was started by Swan Lake, Act II, which created a refined and oil painting texture from the beginning. The modern works such as The Sofa, Transparente, LX Fanfare LX also exhibited the exquisite skill of the performers. Malakhov’s solo The Dying Swan was choreographed within modern techniques, dancing with barefoot and without swan dress. Malakhov believed: "it’s a brand new experience for both performers and audiences."


Malakhov (middle) and Staatsballett Berlin’s debut
in China won a great success.

In Taipei, the work Caravaggio gained high appreciation from the dance enthusiasts. The stage was set up with the symbolic painting frame entwined with light and shadow. The dancers were like beautiful sculptures, fully reflecting the figures in the works of Caravaggio such as Matthew and Angle. The audience was brought to a mysterious world by the interpretation of principal dancer Malakhov.

Under the leadership of Malakhov, Staatsballett Berlin had become a big family. There are three couples among the ten principal dancers, which has attracted much public attention. For Malakhov himself, this tour was the first appearance he made in China before he left Staatsballet Berlin. When interviewed by The Beijing News, Malakhov said: "The essence of ballet is painful and it’s not enough to only pay effort. You have to go beyond yourself." Besides the intense performance schedule, Malakhov visited the Beijing Dance Academy and China Central Ballet to give master classes. He was generous in giving personal instructions to Chinese ballet dancers which won many hearts.

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