Swiss Music Ambassador's China Tour

After seven years, the Swiss Piano Trio, winner of the Swiss Ambassador award, toured China once again.

On July 14th, the Swiss Piano Trio performs at the Chongqing Concert Hall, Guotai Art Center
Photographer: Kefu Sun

After seven years, the Swiss Piano Trio, winner of the Swiss Ambassador award, toured China once again. They gave five brilliant performances for Chinese music enthusiasts in Beijing, Dalian, Chongqing, Nanjing and Shanghai.

Since its foundation, Swiss Piano Trio is always busying performing on the international stages. They left their footprints in 40 countries and have become one of the leading chambers in the world. In 2003, the Swiss Piano Trio won the first prize at the distinguished International Chamber Music Competition in Caltanissetta. Two years later, the ensemble also became the first prize winner at the International Johannes Brahms Competition in Austria.

From left to right: the cellist Sébastien Singer,
the Swiss Ambassador to China Mr.Jacques DE Watteville, the violinst Angela Golubeva,
the pianist Martin Lucas Staub, the Deputy Head of Culture and Media section
at the Embassy of Switzerland Ms.Laetitia Coenca

During this China tour, the three artists brought a repertoire combining both classic and modern compositions. They enthusiastically interpreted Piano trio D major Op. 70 No. 5 “Ghost” by Beethoven and Piano Trio No. 2 in C minor, Op. 66 by Mendelssohn, which had left a great impression on music lovers. In addition, the modern piece Alpentangomania by Swiss composer Wettstein became the highlight of each concert. According to the pianist Martin Lucas Staub, the melodies of this composition not only represent the tranquil of the Alps but also the passion of tango in Argentina. These two elements are entwined in the whole composition. The soft and tender part provides a picturesque and quiet scene of the Alps, while the fierce part fully represents the exciting rhythm of tango. Even more inspiring is the final of the composition ending the piece with Swiss folk music bringing back the audience to the Switzerland.

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