The first China tour of Benyamin Nuss gained a big success

The first 12 days China tour of German pianist Benyamin Nuss, was brought to a successful closure.

Benyamin Nuss surrounded by fansafter the concert in NCPA, 8.11,2013

On the evening of August 11, 2013, under the audience's enthusiastic and long lasting applause, the first 12 days China tour of German pianist Benyamin Nuss, was brought to a successful closure. It is worth to mention that all the tickets of Nuss's recital in NCPA were sold out in advance and in order to make more space for the audience, the NCPA had to add three rows.

Although only 24-years-old, this piano star has become one of the most popular musicians of the NCPA’s “Universal piano series”. On the night of his last performance, Nuss dressed in a dark red suit and played Haydn’s Piano Sonata C major as an opening song. The sprightly rhythm of this composition invited the audiences into his musical world immediately. With tacit matching of his hands, Nuss fantastically illustrated the feelings of Debussy’s Estampes. Debussy’s Estampes consist of three separate musical compositions and the first one Pagodes’ melody is full of Chinese flavor which is one of the reasons Nuss choose this piece. In the second half, the poetic melody of Frederic Chopin’s Barcarole and Polonaise Fantasie intoxicated the audience. In addition, the encores-- The serpents Trench and The days of wine and roses brought the concert to another climax, and made the audiences stand up to applaud.

Nuss grew up with many kinds of music, such as classic, jazz and folk. His father, Ludwig Nuss is a famous jazz player, so Nuss has been accompanied with music since he was a child. When asking Nuss about the Impressionist composer which influenced him most, he said: "Debussy is one of my favorite composers. At the beginning of studying music, I preferred jazz. The first time I learned about Debussy's music I was ten years old. Since then, I found that I could catch the sight of the feeling of jazz in classic music. This made me wanted to play the music immediately."

This young pianist is sober, optimistic and real. He expresses his love for music through his conversation with the piano vividly. Besides the Steinway International Piano Competition, Nuss also won the International Youth Piano Competition, "Best of Mozart Interpretation Award" and a series of other awards. During this Chinese tour, Nuss gave concerts in Hefei, Shanghai, Nanjing, Xiamen, Tianjin and Beijing, receiving the love of the audience and the appreciation of local sponsors. After each concert, the audience rushed to surround the pianist. About his experiences in China, Nuss said: "Every city in China left deep impression on me, especially the jazz bar in Shanghai, the Xuanwu Lake in Nanjing, and the excellent music hall in Xiamen. I really hope to come back to China for another tour."

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