Beijing Symphony Orchestra's First America Tour Achieved a Major Success

Following the Seventh European tour's perfect ending, the Beijing Symphony Orchestra started a new journey, this time to the Americas.

BSO made its debut in Carnegie Hall

Following the Seventh European tour's perfect ending, the Beijing Symphony Orchestra (BSO) started a new journey, this time to the Americas. Maestro Tan led the orchestra's first tour to the American continent, making their debut both in Mexico and the United States, giving seven excellent performances in the period of October 7th to 21st.

During this America tour, the BSO not only made its debut in Carnegie Hall, the most prestigious music hall in the United States, but also was the first Chinese orchestra to perform at the International Cervantino Festival in Guanajuato, Mexico. The BSO's brought an interesting program combining Chinese modern compositions with Western classics delivering a message of friendship to all the audiences.

On October 11, under the baton of Tan Lihua, music director and principal conductor of BSO, the orchestra made its first stop in Mexico City performing at the Palacio De Bellas Artes, after which they also performed at the Luminaria Festival in Atizapan, the 41st International Cervantino Festival Guanajuato, to make their final stop in Aguascalientes.

BSO performed at the International Cervantino Festival in Guanajuato

Particularly the Chinese pieces, Lotus overture and Chou Kong Shan (Desolate Mountain), brought much enjoyment to the Mexican audience. At the audience's request the BSO played many Chinese and Western classics during the encore, such as Jasmine and Orphee aux Enfers, and finally, this performance was rounded off with g minor Symphony No. 40. The Enthusiastic applause and cheers of the audience made the whole concert come to a climax. Many of their Mexican fans said this was the first time that they listened to Chinese musicians which was an indescribable experience for them.

After their successful performances in Mexico, BSO made its debut in Carnegie Hall, America's number one venue, and also performed in the well known, State Theater New Brunswick and The Music Center at Strathmore in Washington D.C. Just like in Mexico the Chinese compositions of the first half of the concert: Lotus Overture and Chou Kong Shan (Desolate Mountain) were very well received. It is worth mentioning that Tang Junqiao, the famous Chinese flute soloist, played the Chinese traditional piece birds when she encored for the audience. This piece is an imitation of birds and made the audience feel to be in the forest surrounded by singing birds. Tang Junqiao's playing created a relaxed atmosphere and left the audience with a smile on their face.

In the second half of their performances, BSO played excerpts of Prokofiev's "Romeo and Juliet" which moved the audience. The BSO received enthusiastic and warm applause in each venue making their US debut tour a great success.

Beijing Symphony Orchestra's first American tour is a very significant event for both the orchestra, Wu Promotion and the Chinese performing arts sector. For the BSO, after seven European tours, their first American tour was a huge milestone and a big step in exploring new markets. The tour also played an important role in the process of strengthening cultural exchange and expanding the Chinese presence on the overseas performing arts market. Through this American tour, BSO presented their unique brand to the American music market, strengthening the presences of Chinese performing arts in Mexico and the United States.

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