The 17th Grand Chinese New Year Concert Successfully Completes European Tour

With loud applause following the rhythm of the Chinese composition, the China Traditional Orchestra Zhejiang kicked off the 17th Grand Chinese New Year Concert...

The concert in Philharmonie Essen

With loud applause following the rhythm of the Chinese composition Dabo River Capriccio, the China Traditional Orchestra Zhejiang kicked off the 17th Grand Chinese New Year Concert (CNYC), 2014 with a concert at KKL Luzern, Switzerland.

During the 20 day long tour, the China Traditional Orchestra Zhejiang had toured eight cities in Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, Hungary and Austria and gave audiences there a true taste of Chinese music.

Led by the renowned conductors Zhang Guoyong and Zhang Lie, the Orchestra presented marvellous concerts and through fine musicianship and careful programming, wished the audience a happy Chinese New Year.

Zheng Peiqin interpreting an aria of the famous Peking Opera "Farewell my Concubine"

The Orchestra chose to open with Dabo River Capriccio, composed by He Xuntian, followed by ‘Old Locust Trees Seek for Their Roots’ by Zhao Jiping, ‘The King’s Farewell to His Lady’ by Guan Xia. In addition, the orchestra performed the overseas premier of Liu Yuan’s ‘Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountain Capriccio’. These compositions, combining Chinese elements and advanced composing techniques are strong featured of Chinese culture, and provided the western audiences with a better understanding of Chinese music. The sensual and alluring sounds of ‘The Tune of the Rainbow Cloud’ presented by the young Guzheng soloist Su Chang, conveyed the charm and friendship from China to the audiences Since the first concert in the Vienna Musikverein in 1998,the Grand Chinese New Year Concert has attracted more than 100.000 keen listeners. Year after year, a traditional orchestra from a different Chinese region is selected to showcase the highlights of its local music works in the West. The CNYC have delivered Chinese culture to the world, meanwhile we have gained friendship and affection.

An interested spectator examines the instrument of the erhu player Yang Xiaoyi

We have noticed that each year an old lady appeared at the concert in Bremen, Germany. She would present a lovely gift to the CNYC reception. For not knowing her name, we kindly refer to her as’ Pink Granny’. ‘Your music is in my heart’ expressed by Perter Thoele former staff of Lufthansa German Airline China in Chinese. After the show in Luzern, a few ladies who dressed in Chinese traditional dresses and wore the concert scarf, pointed at the CD of CNYC and said ‘we were there at the concert in 2006 and it just like today, the performance was overwhelming and we were thrilled’. Back stage, the music fans were reluctant to leave, inquiring the artist on the playing technique of bamboo flute.

The China Traditional Orchestra Zhejiang in front of the Pilatus mountain

It is worthy of mentioning that this edition of CNYC was a tour of many ‘firsts’. It was the first time that the Luxor Theatre, Rotterdam; Staatstheater Cottbus, Germany; Palace of Arts, Budapest, Hungary and Brucknerhaus, Linz, Austria opened their gates to CNYC. It was the first time that many local people had the chance to participate and appreciate the charm of Chinese traditional music. The CNYC is considered as a bridge of Sino-foreign cultural exchange, it demonstrates a true sense of Chinese traditional culture to the overseas audiences on one hand, on the other it promotes the blending of sino- foreign culture.

The glowing warmth and friendship we gained and the compliments we received during the tour have encouraged and credited our persistence through the years. We do expect that more and more audiences around the world can count on us delivering more fine Chinese traditional music and a true taste of our culture.

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