"The Grand Chinese New Year Concert" emerges as a world-class national music brand
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From January 26 to February 8, 2015, Wu Promotion joins hands with Shanghai Chinese Orchestra headed by...

From January 26 to February 8, 2015, Wu Promotion joins hands with Shanghai Chinese Orchestra headed by Artistic Director Wang Fujian to launch a large-scale eight-city tour across five European countries. This is the 18th Europe Tour of the Grand Chinese New Year Concert. This Europe Tour starts from Budapest (Hungary), and passes by Erl (Austria), Lucerne (Switzerland), Groningen (the Netherlands), Nürtingen, Bremen, Essen and Cottbus (Germany). A total of eight performances are staged, which attract nearly 8,000 audiences.

Along the way, this Europe Tour is fervently welcomed by flowers and applauses. The Silk Road, Moonlight on the Spring River, Flowers Blossom Under the Full Moon, and other classical repertoires resound in many classical and modern concert halls across Europe. Every audience praises with admiration for elegant, meticulous and impressive charms of Chinese national music. Liuqin work The Bronze Drum Dance and national orchestral work The Silk Road are acclaimed by the audiences. Conductor Wang Fujian cherishes mixed feelings in the course of Europe Tour. He says: “This is a very successful tour. Every concert is echoed by audiences beyond expectation. The Chinese national music gains so high popularity overseas thanks to unswerving market development over many years”.


Year of 2015 implies special significance for the Grand Chinese New Year Concert, as it marks the 10th anniversary of such event in KKL Culture and Convention Center Lucerne. From 2006 to 2015, Wu Promotion invites nine national orchestras of the different Chinese provinces and regions to make debut here, impresses the Swiss audiences with Chinese national music with different styles and different national characteristics, and cultivates a large number of loyal fans. 

From 1998 to 2015, when blazing path of the Grand Chinese New Year Concert for 18 years, Wu Promotion creates “miracles” in other European cities, which are on a par with blockbusters in Lucerne: The Grand Chinese New Year Concert is staged 14 times in Vienna (Austria), 11 times in Bremen (Germany) and 5 times in Munich (Germany). In many European cities, “Listening to the Chinese National Music on the New Year” gradually becomes a new tradition. Not only the performances witness capacity crowd and warm atmosphere, and all tickets are really sold out. Through unremitting efforts, “the Grand Chinese New Year Concert” is really worthy of the name as a world-class national music brand.


The Grand Chinese New Year Concert Clipping Report:

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