The 19th Grand Chinese New Year Concert

The 19th CNYC tour lasted 21 days with 11 performances, crossing over 19 cities and 4 countries. 

The 19th Grand Chinese New Year Concert (CNYC), held between Jan. 26 and Feb. 13, 2016, was the first time for Wu Promotion to collaborate with the Chinese Traditional Orchestra of the China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater. The whole concert tour lasted 21 days with 11 performances, crossing over 19 cities and 4 countries. The orchestra traveled in total about 5000 km to play for a total audience of nearly 8,500 people

Concert 1: Opening Concert in Wiesbaden (Jan. 26)

The opening concert of the 19th edition of CNYC was held in Staatstheater Wiesbaden. It was not only the opening concert of this tour but also the debut of CNYC in Wiesbaden – a cultural and historical town in Germany. After two encores, the audiences did not leave but kept applauding for the performance.

Left: CNYC received a standing ovation in Staatstheater Wiesbaden.
Right: A group photo of Chinese Traditional Orchestra of the China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater at the magnificent Staatstheater Wiesbaden.

Concert 2: Back to Nürtingen (Jan. 27)

It was the second time for CNYC to be held in Nürtingen. At the end of the concert, Berliner Luft was performed and conductor Hong Xia led the audience clap along the rhythm, bringing the concert to a climax.

Audiences are filling the concert feedback forms.

Concert 3: 11 Years of Partnership with Lucerne (Jan. 29)

The third concert was held at KKL Lucerne, a beautiful hall near a lake and surrounded by Alps. Between 2006 and 2016, CNYC was held every year in Lucerne and many Chinese traditional orchestras left their footprint here. CNYC has become a tradition in Lucerne. The concert on the 29th was definitely a success, after two encores, the whole orchestra went off the stage, yet cheers and applauds continued till the lights of the hall were finally turned on.

Concert 4: Full house at Festspielhaus (Jan. 31)

On the morning of Jan. 31st, a large number of people flooded Festspielhaus Erl, where CNYC staged a concert in a full house.

Left picture: Concert hall staff introducing CNYC to the audience.
Left picture: A couple shows the CNYC CD they just bought.
Right: Full of audience in Festspielhaus.

Concert 5: Tour in Linz (Feb. 1)

The 5th concert of the tour was held at Brucknerhaus, the main venue of the famous Brucknerfest. It was the third time for CNYC to perform in Linz, where they on arrival were welcomed by many posters featuring their concert announcement. Mr. Zhao Bin, Ambassador of the Chinese Embassy in Austria, was also invited to the concert, and sent his New Year greetings to the orchestra.

Concert 6: Melody at Palace of Arts Budapest (Feb. 4)

After a break of two days in Vienna, the orchestra continued their tour in Budapest, where they gave a concert in Palace of Arts Budapest.

Left: The Chinese Traditional Orchestra of the China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater, sending their New Year greeting, at Palace of Arts Budapest.
Right: The CNYC poster at Palace of Arts Budapest

Concert 7: Cottbus Variation in New Year’s Eve (Feb. 7)

The concert on Feb. 7th , Chinese New Year Eve, was held at Staatstheater Cottbus. The orchestra received a warm applause and even after three encores, the audiences were not willing to leave…

Although abroad, on Chinese New Year’s eve, dumplings must be eaten.

Concert 8: Chinese Red in Magdeburg (Feb. 8)

On February 8th, the first day of the Chinese New Year, CNYC made its debut in Johanniskirche, Magdeburg. The church was style-fully decorated in “Chinese red”, and also the ticket was designed in red – the color representing Chinese New Year. After the concert, all audience stood up to wave to the musicians.

Concert 9: Big Humburg (Feb. 10)

On February 10th CNYC made its debut in Hamburg. The concert was held in Laeiszhalle, a hall built over a century ago. The weather was not quite good– rainy and chilly, yet the audience still arrived in time to listen to CNYC.

Concert 10: A Special Concert (Feb. 11)

On February 11th, CNYC staged for the 12th time, a concert in Gut Varrel Stuhr, playing for an audience with many familiar as well as some new faces. Before the concert, the Cultural Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Germany, Mr. Chen Ping, handed Edgar Wöltje and Richard Hannig awards, issued by Wu Promotion, for their great and long term contribution to CNYC. February 11th was also the birthday of Conductor Hong Xia, who happily received her birthday gift: a baton and a note stand.

The two faithful fans come to CNYC every year with Chinese flags.
The picture of them on the right was taken at CNYC Stuhr 2006.

Concert 11: Tour Accomplished (Feb. 13)

On Feb. 13th CNYC finished their 2016 tour with a final concert in Philharmonie Essen. For the audience in Essen Chinese music is no longer strange, for CNYC was first held in this city as early as 2006.

Last we would like to express our gratitude to: the Chinese Traditional Orchestra of the China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater for the fantastic performances; the thousands of audiences for their passionate applauds; and our tour management team Sherry Zhang and Iris Lu as well as many other heroes behind the scene. We are also grateful to: Counselor Chen Ping and Counselor Li Kexin; our bus driver and our truck driver; Mr. Gerhard Schmid-Thiel (our concert moderator for the past 13 years); our friends Peter Thoele, Wolfgang Wölje and Udo Hofmann; and our support team Anna Poppe and Sylvie Krauss. With such an excellent team and the support of so many wonderful people we are confident that the 20th edition of CNYC in 2017 will be even more wonderful!

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