Shanghai Kun Opera - Full-length version of The Palace of Eternal Youth,2011
Tour Dates
  • 5-8 Nov, 2011

Tour Dates: 5-8 Nov, 2011

Shanghai Kun Opera's full-length version of the "the Palace of Eternal Youth" will premiere at the Cologne Opera House in 4 consective nights from Nov. 5th to 8th.

Tour Dates: 5-8 Nov, 2011

Location: Cologne Opera House, Germany

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During the time of 2010 Shanghai EXPO, Wu Promotion has brought the world-famous grand opera production - Wagner's <Der Ring des Niebelungen> to Shanghai. In return of Shanghai's hospitality, Oper Köln (Cologne Opera House) has extended their invitation to an outstanding local troupe - Shanghai Kun Opera. For the first time, the full-length version of <The Palace of Eternal Youth> - the classic masterpiece of traditional Chinese Kun Opera (or Kunqu), would be performed in Germany.

About the Production

The Palace of Eternal Youth is one of the most celebrated Kun opera classics, recently the most impressive opus from the Shanghai Kun Opera Theater. The play narrates the tragic love story of Tang Emperor Li Longji and his concubine Yang Yuhuan, one of the most famous ancient beauties in China. Their legend conveys the universal value that true love will transcend the boundaries of time and overcome all difficulties.

The opera, consisting of 4 acts, each comprises no less than 9 scenes, has been translated into English and German.

About Shanghai Kun Opera

Shanghai Kun Opera is a key art performing troupe under state protection and foster. It was founded in 1978, with the master of Peking Opera and Kun Opera, Yu Zhenfei, as the first president and Cai Zhengren as the lead performer.
The troupe is star-studded, contracting a large number of outstanding artists and young actors of Kun Opera. It is well-known for its "first-class troupe, first-class actors, first-class repertoire, and first-class performance."

About the Main Cast

The show will star the best Chinese Kun Opera artists including Cai Zhengren, a rigorous inheritor and the doyen of Guan Sheng, as Li Longji; Zhang Jingxian, the doyenne of Guimen Dan,as Yang Yuhuan; Liu Yilong, the nationally reputed performer for antic roles, as Gao Lishi; and Fang Yang, the renowned artist for male character with a painted face, as An Lushan.

About Kun Opera (Kunqu)

Kun Opera, one of the oldest forms of opera in China, is proclaimed one of the 19 masterpieces of oral and intangible heritage of humanity by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization in 2001, Uniquely blending singing, dancing, and acting, this 600-year-old art form has profound influence on hundreds of musical theaters, including the Peking Opera, its most prominent descendant.

Shanghai Kun Opera Theater - Full-length version of The Palace of Eternal Youth,2011