Peking Opera Festival, South America, 2013

Tour Dates: 7 October - 27 October, 2013

The Second Troupe of Jingju Theater Company of Beijing is designed to prepare young performers for the company, and is composed of prestigious performers and rising stars.

Tour Dates
  • 7 October - 27 October, 2013

The Second Troupe of Jingju Theater Company of Beijing

The Second Troupe of Jingju Theater Company of Beijing is designed to prepare young performers for the company, and is composed of prestigious performers and rising stars. Chi Xiaoqiu, the head of the troupe, is the outstanding descendant of the Cheng School. The troupe is known for its large variety of roles, comprehensive performing skills and most importantly the dynamism. The rising stars of the troupe include Zhang Jianfeng, Yang Shaopeng, Zhang Liyuan, Dou Xiaoxuan, Du Zhe, Mu Yu, Zhu Hong, Zhang Lei, Zhang Shunjing, Mei Qingyang, Wang Wei, Wang Fulong, Shen Yuan and Zhen Ruifen.

Peking Opera Classical Productions

One Good Turn Deserves Another

One Good Turn Deserves Another tells a story of how a kind-hearted lady of a wealthy family is repaid at a time of adversity for the generous assistance she has earlier provided unintentionally.

Xue Xiangling, a girl from a rich family, takes with her a pouch full of treasures when getting married. On the day of her marriage, she is caught in a heavy rain, and meets in the Chunqiu Pavilion Zhao Shouzhen, a poor lady who is getting married that day. Out of great sympathy, Xue gives Zhao her pouch. Six years later, Xue lost contact with her family in a flood. Having no place to live, Xue becomes a servant in the House of Lu. One day, when she is babysitting Lu's son, she sees her pouch on a table. Having learnt about what has happened to Xue, Zhao Shouzhen, now Lu's wife and the recipient of the pouch, expresses great gratitude to Xue and with her help, Xue gets united with her family. Xue and Zhao become sworn friends.


Monkey Makes Havoc in the Heaven

This is an adaptation of a chapter from the Chinese classic novel, Journey to the West. Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, causes havoc in the heavenly palace with his mischievous tricks. He is captured and thrown into the Furnace of Eight Trigram; instead of being reduced to ashes, he develops a pair of fiery eyes with golden pupils. When he breaks out of the furnace, Buddha is so enraged that he sends his disciples, the Eighteen Arhats, to capture Sun Wukong. A series of spectacular acrobatic battles followed, resulting in the arrest of Sun Wukong.


The Tale of a White Snake

This piece is a Chinese legend, which has been used as a popular subject in several Chinese operas, films and television series. The story tells of a young scholar Xu Xian who falls in love with a beautiful woman, unaware that she is actually a thousand-year-old white snake that has taken on human form. A monk named Fahai, envious of their love, devises many wicked plans in order to separate the couple. After many trials and tribulations, the white snake and Xu Xian are reunited.


Peking Opera Galas

At the Crossroads

During the Northern Song Dynasty General Jiao Zan is exiled to a desert island after being framed for a crime. Warrior Ren Tanghui is ordered to trail after Jiao Zan to protect and rescue him. When Jiao Zan comes to rest in an inn at the Cross Roads, the owner of the inn, who also acknowledges Jiao Zan’s innocence, mistakes Ren Tanghui for an assassin set to murder Jiao Zan. As the misunderstanding ensues, the two fight fiercely in the dark.


Presenting a Pearl on Rainbow Bridge

A celestial maiden named Ling Bo admires a young scholar named Bai Yong for his talents. It is love at first sight when they unexpectedly met on the Rainbow Bridge. Ling Bo sends Bai Yong a pearl symbolizing their eternal love. However, this union goes against the rules of Heaven; the immortal guards come to capture the celestial maiden Ling Bo. Ling Bo fights back, defeats the immortal guards and the lovers eventually reunite.


The King’s Farewell to His Lady

The King’s Farewell to His Lady is the classic tale of tragic love between the General Xiang Yu and his concubine Yu Ji. The story takes place at the end of the Qin dynasty. In the hours before the defeat of Xiang Yu’s army from the Chu states to his enemy Han Xin from the Han states. Xiang Yu orders his soldiers to invade Han Xin's territory. Han Xin then ambushes Xiang Yu at Shili Mountain. While trapped, Xiang Yu hears a song of the Chu state and wonders if the Han soldiers have been defeated, however it is just a trick. Realizing the dire situation that has befallen them, Yu Ji comforts her lover with a sword dance and as the invading army approaches, Xiang Yu fights gallantly, but to no avail.


Autumn River

In the Song Dynasty, Scholar Pan Bizheng, nephew of an old nun, while preparing for the official exam at the nunnery, becomes acquainted and falls in love with Chen Miaochang, a young and well-educated nun. The old nun is furious and forbids them to continue their relationship, and forces Pan Bizheng to leave for Linan. Upon hearing this, Chen runs away from the nunnery in pursuit of Pan Bizheng. By the side of the Qiujiang River, she meets a jocular, elderly boatman, who intentionally delays her with tricks. Eventually, the boatman helps Chen Miaochang catch up with her lover.