China Philharmonic Orchestra Toured Japan and South Korea in Honor of Friendship and Cultural Exchange

With the support of China’s State Council Information Office and the National Radio and Television Administration...

With the support of China’s State Council Information Office and the National Radio and Television Administration, China Philharmonic Orchestra (CPO) accomplished five concerts held at Seoul Lotte Concert Hall, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, NHK Osaka Hall, and the local retirement homes on 8-14 June. During the tour, which was led by CPO’s President Mr. Li Nan and Conductor Mr. Xia Xiaotang, the orchestra superbly played Berlioz’s Roman Carnival Overture, Chen Qigang’s violin concerto La joie de la souffrance, Beethoven’s Symphony No.5 in C Minor, plus two encores Arirang and Hana wa Saku, winning wide acclaim from overseas audiences as well as mainstream media attention. The concert tour, which took place shortly before the opening of G20 Summit in Osaka, strengthened the cultural exchange between China and abroad. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China, Beijing Zhongyi Art Foundation and China Poly Group also provided firm support. Wu Promotion was honored to be trusted and chosen as the official tour agency by CPO.

The concert at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre on 12 June was attended by Chinese Ambassador to Japan Mr. Kong Xuanyou and his wife, also by Minister Counsellor for Cultural Affairs from the Chinese Embassy. They greeted the musicians after the performance, saying “CPO is famous in both China and abroad, having been playing an active role in the cultural exchange between China and Japan. You are on a special mission here in Japan, i.e., to make the visit an overture of our Chairman Xi Jinping’s attendance at G20 Summit in Osaka. Thank you!”

Kazu Watanabe, music critic of Ongaku no Tomo (Friends of Music), marveled at the concerts given by CPO and said “I had been in the audience – already twice – when CPO toured Japan before, while their wonderful performance today still surprised me. The sound was very bright, which in turn showed strong cohesion. It is no easy to reach such level within limited rehearsal time. I personally like the performance of violinist Liu Rui very much, who handled the high notes gracefully. He has already forged his purely Chinese style and taste which are inseparable from the histories of China and Chinese music.”