Macao Orchestra finished their first tour in Europe and represented China in the International Brucknerfest 2015
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From the 12th to the 18th of September, Macau Orchestra participated in the International Brucknerfest 2015 in Linz, Austria...

From the 12th to the 18th of September, Macau Orchestra participated in the International Brucknerfest 2015 in Linz, Austria, among concerts held in Tiroler Festspielhaus Erl and Tonhalle Zurich. This year, China was the partner of the International Brucknerfest 2015, which attracts attentions all around the world.

1 11. Macao Orchestra in the 2015 Brucknerfest
2. Ambassador ZHAO Bin gave a speech in the 2015 Brucknerfest Opening Ceremony
3. LIANG Xiaoming and Klaus Luger (Mayor of the city of Linz) exchanged gifts

As one of the most famous music festivals in Austria, the President of Austria attends the Brucknerfest events every year. Since 2012, one to two artistic groups will play at festival with Wu Promotion’s recommendation. In this year Macau Orchestra and five Chinese artists, WU Wei, ZHANG Haochen, JIA Ran, ZHANG Jinru and Sophia Feinga Su performed in the festival. It was the first time in Brucknerfest’s history, that China inaugurated the festival. In the morning of 13th September LüJia, the Music Director and the Principal Conductor of Macau Orchestra, conducted the Bruckner Orchestra for the opening ceremony of 2015.

From left to right: LüJia (Music Director and Principal Conductor), Heinz Fischer (President of Austria),
WU Jiatong, LIANG Xiaoming (Deputy President of Instituto Cultural Macao)

As one of the biggest cultural events between China and Austria, Austrian President Heinz Fischer, ZHAO Bin (Chinese Ambassador in Austria), LI Kexin (Cultural Counselor) and LIANG Xiaoming (Deputy President of Instituto Cultural Macau) all attended the opening ceremony. Ambassador ZHAO Bin read greetings from LUO Shugang (Culture minister of the People’s Republic China): ‘It is a significant event between China and Austria, that China is the partner of the International Brucknerfest 2015. I hope the audience will gain more cultural experience through communications. ’

Macau Orchestra at the Tiroler Festspielhaus Erl

At the concert, LüJia conducted the Bruckner Orchestra and played national song of Austria, the Chinese song <Jasmine> and other pieces, the audience was familiar with. President Heinz Fischer praised LüJia as an excellent interpreter of European music and mentioned to promote more cultural communications between China and Austria in the future. At the evening, President Heinz Fischer watched Macau Orchestra’s performance with LüJia as the conductor. The committee of the festival even invited Austrian Radio stations to broadcast the performance live on air.

Concerts at the Tiroler Festspielhaus Erl and the Tonhalle Zurich received good publicity as well. Macau Orchestra is a young orchestra full of potential, with its exquisite but powerful music. Sherry, tour manager of Wu Promotion said ‘The orchestra pays more attention to the hidden emotions behind the music, which makes their music extremely touching.

Macau Orchestra in the Tonhalle Zurich

During the tour, Macau Orchestra not only chose Western composers’ works, but also played Huang Ruo’s Concerto for Sheng and Orchestra ‘The Color Yelllow’ and MAO Yuan and LIU Tieshan’s “Dance of the Yao Tribe”. Readapting traditional Chinese music to symphonies or utilizing Chinese music elements to compose new works may be good ways to inherit and develop our cultural heritage, and share the music with audiences from different countries.

Moreover, the five Chinese soloists received great comments from cooperated orchestras in this tour. Macau Orchestra prepared four programs for the four concerts, and each program provided solos with opportunity for the soloists to show their talents. Except WU Wei, a world-famous Sheng soloist, all the four artists were born after 1990, but they moved the audience with their excellent skills and artistry. Recommending and introducing young talents is always the responsibility of Wu Promotion, and we will keep providing opportunities for further young talents to perform on international stages.

From Left to Right: LI Kexin (Cultural Counselor of Austria), ZHANG Jinru,
Dannis Russell Davies (Chief Conductor of Basel Symphony Orchestra),
JIA Ran (Principal violinist of Bruckner Orchestra), CHEN Lei, WU Jiatong

ZHANG Haochen, Sophia Feinga Su and WU Wei at the Brucknerfest. Photo: Macau Orchestra

From left to right: Joachim Frey(President of Brucknerfest),
WANG Jia (Tour Manager of Macau Orchestra),
ZHANG Haochen, Sophia Feinga Su, LüJia, LIANG Xiaoming, WU Jiatong

We would like to give special thanks to the Chinese Ambassador of Austria ZHAO Bin, the Cultural Counselor LI Kexin, the Chinese Ambassador of Switzerland XU Jinghu and the cultural officer YAN Han. We would like to bring more great performances to the audience worldwide in the future.

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