Wiener Symphoniker 2017 China Tour, an unforgetabble Beethoven Symphonic Marathon

In memory of Ludwig van Beethoven, the Wiener Symphoniker presented the nine Beethoven symphonies to China.

With the support of the National Centre for the Performing Arts, Shenzhen Poly Grand Theatre, Shanghai Oriental Arts Centre and Nanjing Poly Grand Theatre, the Wiener Symphoniker embarked on its second China tour on 27 March, 2017 organized by Wu Promotion. In memory of the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven, the Wiener Symphoniker presented the full cycle of Beethoven symphonies to Chinese audiences.

At the end of March, The Wiener Symphoniker began a symphonic marathon under the baton of Philip Jordan, a leading conductor of the new generation. This epic music event began with Beethoven's complete symphonies put on for Chinese audiences at the Shenzhen Poly Theater and the Shanghai Oriental Arts Center. The Wiener Symphoniker plays all of Beethoven's symphonies every 20 years, but this was the first time The Wiener Symphoniker had performed four of them in one night. It was first and foremost dedicated to Chinese music lovers.

A highlight performance of the 2017 international music season in Shenzhen was 'The Belt and Road Initiative'. The Wiener Symphoniker's concert was played on the evening of March 27th at the Shenzhen Poly Theater. The musicians played to a full house.In addition to Beethoven's fourth and fifth symphonies, three of Brahms' Hungarian Dances were played as an encore for the audience in Shenzhen.

From 30 March to 2 April, The Wiener Symphoniker performed at the Shanghai Oriental Arts Center under the baton of Philippe Jordan. The orchestra staged four successive concerts playing all of Beethoven's nine symphonies to commemorate the 190th anniversary of his death. The orchestra paid particular attention to the arrangement of each night's program. The best-known symphonies: the third symphony 'The Eroica', fifth symphony, sixth symphony 'The Pastoral', and the ninth symphony were separated into four concerts, guaranteeing that music fans could hear their favorite in each concert.

From 4 April, the brilliant conductor Philippe Jordan continued the tour and shared the best Austrian classical music with even more fans in Nanjing and Beijing. Besides ‘the four nights of Beethoven’s nine symphonies’ in Shanghai, the Wiener Symphoniker performed the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th symphonies especially for Beijing audiences. The Wiener Symphoniker concluded its 2017 China tour at the National Centre for the Performing Arts on 7 April.

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