The Gürzenich Orchestra of Cologne 2017 China Tour brings the most romantic love letter form the Rhine

Gürzenich Orchestra of Cologne concludes its 2017 China Tour under the baton of the renowned conductor François-Xavier Roth....

From 12 February to 14 February, Gürzenich Orchestra of Cologne, one of Germany’s leading orchestras successfully concludes its 2017 China Tour under the baton of the renowned conductor François-Xavier Roth. World-recognized violinist Vilde Frang joined the tour and impressed Chinese audience with her exquisite skill and virtuosity.

Gürzenich Orchestra of the Cologne Cathedral’s instrumental ensemble which, until the end of the 18th century, provided Cologne with concerts and theatre music in addition to church music. The Society was also responsible for contracting the orchestra’s musical leadership, and over the years it engaged renowned conductors such as Conradin Kreutzer, Heinrich Dorn, Ferdinand Hiller, Franz Wüllner and Fritz Steinbach to serve as the orchestra’s Municipal Music Director (Kapellmeister). Leading conductors and composers of the time, among them Berlioz, Wagner, Verdi, Brahms and Stravinsky, put in regular appearances with this traditional Cologne orchestra.

The first concert was held at the National Theatre in Beijing on 12 February, 2017, which marked the 30th anniversary of Beijing and Cologne becoming sister cities. To support Gürzenich Orchestra of Cologne’s 2017 China tour, The mayor of Cologne, Mr.Henriette Reker showed up at the National Centre for the performing arts in person and watched the whole performance. The violinist Vilde Frang brought the sound of pure classical music to the audience with such a unique interpretation. The orchestra exhibited its strong symphonic power with Symphony No. 5 by Gustav Mahler and Beethoven Violin Concerto in D Major. 

On 14February, the Gürzenich Orchestra of the Cologne brought this musical love letter from the Rhine River to Shanghai audience as the best gift during the ‘Valentine’s Day’. This was the Gürzenich Orchestra of the Cologne’s third return to Shanghai after their grand performance of Richard Wagner’s masterpiece “The Ring Cycle” in 2010 and Wagner's opera “the Walküre” night in 2014. In 2017 China tour, the orchestra decided to presented a special encore for Shanghai audience ——"Jasmine" as the most unforgettable piece for this tour.