The first China tour of the Vienna Flute Mozartet

...the four leading artists from Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra performed their first China tour in the form of "flute quartet"...

With the support of the Macau Youth Symphony Orchestra Association, Changsha Concert Hall, Beijing Concert Hall, Guangdong Xinghai Concert Hall and the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, the four leading artists from Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra -- Tobias Lea,Tamas Varga, Alina Pinchas, Dieter Flury -- performed their first China tour in the form of "flute quartet". They brought a fine tradition from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and showed the unique charm of flute quartet. Their concert in the Beijing Concert Hall was included in the "Beijing Concert Hall International Classic Series Performance Season".

The Vienna Flute Mozartet is expert in chamber music performances. Their handed-down musical instruments have become one of the highlights of this tour: The flute played by Dieter Flury is a handmade Yamaha 14K gold flute which values about 600,000 RMB; Tamas Varga's cello is inherited from the former orchestra chief Wolfgang Herzer.

The Vienna Flute Mozartet specially prepared a set of works for Chinese music lovers that combined classical, romantic and other styles and used them in the tour:

Mozart’s Flute Quartet In C Major, Mozart’s Quartet for Flute and String Trio in D Major, Schubert’s String Trio No. 1 in B-Flat Major, Roussel’s Trio for Flute, Viola & Cello, Op. 40, Reger’s Serenade No.1 in D.

Four high quality concerts have attracted nearly 4,000 Chinese audiences. Everyone was fascinated by their performance: "Nice chamber music! It has been a long time that I haven’t listened to such a pure concert. Vienna Philharmonic artists! The Vienna Flute Mozartet is excellent! I hope that there will be more and more interesting performances of the Vienna Philharmonic in China!