So hard to say goodbye to St. Florian Boys' Choir

St. Florian Boys’ Choir has finished their China Tour from June 28th to July 9th.

With the support of National Centre for the Performing Arts, Tianjin Grand Theatre, Baoding Zhili Grand Theatre, Shanghai Grand Theatre, Guangzhou Xinghai Concert Hall, Zhongshan Culture & Art Center and Shenzhen Concert Hall, St. Florian Boys’ Choir has finished their China Tour from June 28th to July 9th.

It is the second year since 2016 for Wu Promotion to act as the agent to introduce St. Florian Boys’ Choir to China. Led by Conductor and Artistic Director Franz Farnberger, St. Florian Boys’ Choir, the Boys’ Choirs with the longest tradition in the world, has offered 7 wonderful concerts to an audience of over 10,000.

On June 29th, St. Florian Boys’ Choir started their tour with a full audience at National Centre for the Performing Arts. On June 30th, the choir was welcomed by an attentive audience at Tianjin Grand Theatre, who not only bought tickets for all the tour concerts, but also designed special hand fans to express their love and support for the choir. Invited by Baoding Zhili Grand Theatre, St. Florian Boys’ Choir and the Jinlei Choir of Baoding Normal Primary School jointly completed a beautiful concert on July 1st. After the concert, the choir enjoyed a special exchange activity with Baoding Normal School.

On July 3rd, the choir came to Shanghai Grand Theatre and proved their charm once again during the signature session. Mr. Fabian Gems, Consul of the Austrian Consulate-General in Guangzhou and his wife, Mr. Chen Yongfeng, consultant of the commercial affairs office and his colleagues attended the concert at Guangzhou Xinghai Concert Hall on July 6th. After the concert, they communicated with the conductor and the leaders of the choir and expressed how highly they had appreciated the performance of the young artists. After the concert at Zhongshan Culture & Art Center, the 2018 China tour of St. Florian Boys’ Choir was finalized at Shenzhen Concert Hall on July 8th.