Buchbinder and Staatskapelle Dresden Accomplished 2019 China Tour

World-renowned pianist Rudolf Buchbinder had a tour in China again between 13th and 23rd May along with his "old pal" Staatskapelle Dresden...

World-renowned pianist Rudolf Buchbinder had a tour in China again between 13th and 23rd May along with his “old pal” Staatskapelle Dresden – an orchestra ranking among the top ten in the world. With the support of Xinhai Concert Hall, Changsha Concert Hall, and the National Centre for the Performing Arts, Rudolf Buchbinder, being both piano soloist and conductor, led Staatskapelle Dresden accomplish the performances in Guangzhou, Changsha and Beijing. About 10,000 audiences attended the six concerts featuring the complete piano concertos by Beethoven. Such a feast of Beethoven’s music is also seen as an appetizer for a bigger celebration of the composer’s 250th birthday in 2020.

Today half of those who involve in the classical music industry are on the way to this concert.” Buchbinder is an authoritative interpreter of Beethoven indeed, offering the highest-caliber of performing even in his 70s. His seamless collaboration with the orchestra was well received with long applause from the music lovers who had long been waiting for the concerts. The signing event saw a great number of audiences, many of whom “geared themselves up” with decades-old phonograph records while priding themselves on being Buchbinder’s die-hard fans.

As a review by the National Centre for the Performing Arts puts it, “the timbre of Adagio was so touching with sheer beauty, while Allegro went brilliantly. Maestro Buchbinder, with the duality as both a pianist and a conductor, brought fantastic concertos of Beethoven together with Staatskapelle Dresden performing under his leadership. Through notable melody lines, various types of touch, and richly colorful sounds, Buchbinder well presented his own understanding of Beethoven’s music.

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