The Best of Italian Jazz in Shanghai Expo

Wu Promotion was proud to gather an outstanding bill of artists at the Shanghai Expo, a sight rarely seen even in Italy.


P.A.F.trio on stage in the Shanghai Jazz Festival

Wu Promotion was proud to guide Expo visitors on a whirlwind tour through the best of Italian Jazz, staging 20 concerts over just 5 days at the Italian Pavilion and other locations across the Expo grounds and downtown Shanghai. Italy is well known for its deep musical heritage, Wu Promotion has brought the soaring sounds of opera and classical symphony to China, impressing the Chinese audience, and this time we hope to showcase Italy’s vibrant Jazz culture from a different view.

Jazz has experienced a dynamic revival in Shanghai, and the arrival of a host of Italy’s hottest Jazz musicians, many visiting China for the first time, proved the ideal opportunity to showcase Italy’s vibrant Jazz culture to the discerning local audience. Taking in American jazz performing styles, incorporating European song forms, classical composition techniques and folk music, Italian Jazz took on a sound of its own.


Pianist Stefano Bollani performing at the Europe Square of the World Expo

The festival opened with a thrilling performance from fast fingered pianist Stefano Bollani. Bollani is known as a fearless improviser and restless stage presence, award-winner of “European Jazz Award” in 2007 and a long-term activist with world famous Jazz musicians. His performance at the Shanghai Expo was as graceful as it was full of passion, exhibiting both his outstanding gift for music and his mature temperament. In particular the wild and impetuous trumpet masterclass of Paolo Fresu and P.A.F.trio on 19th October at Europe Square whipped the packed auditorium into a frenzy. While playing, he enriches every note with his soul, creating sensation and leaving the audience with endless delight. Moreover drummer Roberto Gatto’s quartet "The Music of Next Door"; “Trio di Roma” with the fantastic Danilo Rea on piano, Enzo Pietropaoli on bass and Amedeo Adriano on drums; and finally by the new spin, the young Sicilian prodigy Francesco Cafiso and his quartet “4out” puts on classics.

Wu Promotion is very proud of gathering such many outstanding artists at the Shanghai Expo, when it is even rare to witness in Italy.