Semmarit to join the CCTV show

Semmarit will perform in the opening of the Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo, and take part in a televised contest to win a spot on CCTV's Spring Festival celebration.


The Finnish musical sensation Semmarit are embarking on their first ever tour of China in 2010. In collaboration with Wu Promotion they will take part in the opening of the 5th China Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo at the Great Hall of the People, and will compete for a spot on CCTV’s flagship Spring Festival celebration program (我要上春晚). On their China tour performances will comprise songs in English and their native Finnish, along with two songs specially prepared for this audience in Chinese, ‘I wish we could last forever’ and ‘Zhongguoren’. They will also perform two exciting concerts for Beijing fans, at the One Club on 19th and 20th November at 8pm. 

Semmarit’s goal is to innovate and break down artistic boundaries and in doing so they draw inspiration from the cultures of countries worldwide. As such they will stand proudly as opening act of the 5th China Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo at the Great Hall of the People on 17th November, and it will be broadcast live on Beijing television (BTV). Customs from Japanese sumo wrestling, African drumming and Scottish kilts are incorporated into the act, while there are few musical styles they will not tackle, their repertoire ranging from the latest World Cup song to classical music, such as Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.  Similarly the show incorporates many styles of musical accompaniment, including African rhythms, didgeridoo, kazoo and beer bottles. Some band members even physically use other band members as a ‘human guitar’ for solos. Their onstage antics never fail to shock, amaze and amuse.

我要上春晚’ is CCTV’s most prominent and popular Spring Festival celebration show, and Semmarit will use a break in their busy Chinese touring schedule on 18th November to record a special performance for the program. According to reports it will be the first time that a foreign vocal group has performed on the program, a significant event that is likely to lead to more international acts appearing in future.

While abroad, Semmarit tend to sing in English, but are also able to translate their songs into French, German and Portuguese, helping local audiences understand the strength and passion of the performances. On this Chinese tour they will also debut two Chinese songs ‘I Wish We Could Last Forever’ and ‘Zhongguoren’. The phenomenon that is Semmarit cannot be put into words; only by experiencing it with your own eyes and ears can you truly understand the sensation that is Semmarit!

Time: Friday 19th and Saturday 20th November 2010, 8pm

Address: The One Club, No.5, 718 Art and Culture Zone, 19 Ganluyuan, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Tickets: 180RMB (at the door), 150RMB (advance booking)


Phone:  (010) 5165 0798 ext 35/36 / (010) 8579 2733

Location of the One Club: