Semmarit explode onto the Chinese scene

Finland’s Semmarit completed their first spectacular tour of China, with 4 exciting performances that will surely remain long in the memories of their Chinese audiences.


From the 16th to the 21st of November Finland’s Semmarit male vocal group completed their first spectacular tour of China, with 4 exciting performances that will surely remain long in the memories of their Chinese audiences. Their style fuses the traditional and the modern, their performance is wildly extravagant, and their on stage antics could be compared to Steven Chow’s madcap movies. On the trip they have attracted a great deal of attention from China Central Television(CCTV), Beijing Television (BTV)and Hunan TV, while performing agents from Shanghai, Guangzhou and Zhejiang have taken a keen interest in the group. The stations requested they make special recordings, and exciting plans for next year’s tour are already in the pipeline. Semmarit have well and truly exploded onto the Chinese scene.

On the 17th of November Semmarit had the chance to stand on stage at the Great Hall of the People, opening the 5th China Beijing Cultural & Creative Industry Expo by performing the song Zhongguoren in Chinese. The opening ceremony was attended by CCP Politburo municipal committee secretary Qi Liu. The Expo’s chairman Taihua Wang gave the opening speech, while the Mayor of Beijing and president of the organization committee Guo Jinlong oversaw the opening. To visit the Great Hall of the People, which they had previously only seen on the TV, was an exciting experience for the group. During rehearsals at the imposing venue, they could not help but ask whether the venue would ever be filled during the performance. The answer was ‘of course’, as evidenced by the torrent of applause that rewarded their performance.

On the 18th of November Semmarit recorded for the competition to take part in the 2011 CCTV Spring Festival Programme. Their heat will appear on the CCTV3 show on the 3rd of December at 7pm, and we urge all fans to vote for them!


After the show, Finnish ambassador Lars Backstrom (R4), his wife (R3) and Mr. Jiatong Wu (L3)  were photographed with Semmarit on stage.

On the 19th and 20th of November Semmarit performed at a packed One Club in Beijing, with Finnish ambassador Lars Backstrom and his wife in attendance. The atmosphere was buoyant throughout, with each of the 21 members singing their heart out, passionately extolling their unique creative vision. The performance incorporates a variety of bizarre props; a couple clad in wrestling outfits did the tango, a vastly overweight ‘rapper’ spat some lines and the protagonists imbibed an elixir of life. The show included three Chinese songs, Wish We Could Last Forever, Queen Moon and Zhongguoren, which brought the atmosphere and applause to its peak. In particular Zhongguoren, which saw the whole troupe form a wall, before one sole performer ascended the peak to hold aloft the Chinese national flag, was brilliantly received. It was an apt moment, symbolizing Semmarit’s new found love for China, and was hopefully an indicator of future cultural collaboration between Finland and China.

This time Semmarit’s tour was a whirlwind one, however they made countless fans who will eagerly hope for their return to record for the CCTV Spring Festival program. Only by experiencing them with your own eyes and ears can you understand the wonder that is Semmarit. To know them truly is to love them.

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