Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra returns in a blaze of glory from tour in Europe

On December 8th Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra performed the Closing Concert of “CULTURESCAPES CHINA 2010” in Liechtenstein.

Violinist Ning Feng performing at the Closing Concert of “CULTURESCAPES CHINA 2010”

On December 8th Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra performed the Closing Concert of “CULTURESCAPES CHINA 2010” in Liechtenstein. The orchestra enchanted the audience with an Asian flail of musical delight at world class concert halls in Europe, including Teatro La Fenice ("The Phoenix") Venice, Teatro Verdi di Firenze, Santa Cecilia Roma in Italy, Culture and Convention Centre Lucerne in Switzerland and Schaaner Saal in Liechtenstein. With the cold front hitting Europe, the concert halls were nevertheless full house and the Chinese orchestra received warm applause throughout the night. Vice Governor of Guangdong Province Lei Yulan commented that the tour was one of the highlights of "Chinese Culture Year in Italy". She hopes it would boost the friendship between China and Italy.

At Santa Cecilia Roma Italy concert hall, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra and renowned violinist Ning Feng performed the Violin Concerto in D major by Tchaikovsky. Their outstanding performance was later praised by Ms. Mancini, Chairman of Associazione Italia Cina during an interview with Xin Hua, she said “this violinist is brilliant, his performance has added luster to China”. Other highlights of the evening include the performance of Dvořák’s The Symphony No. 9 in E minor "From the New World" at Verdi di Firenze and “The Song of the Earth” sang by the Chinese Soprano Xu Xiaoying and Baritone Yuan Chenye. During an interview, famous composer Ye Xiaogang said that “The Song of the Earth” written by himself represented the dialogue between the Chinese contemporary artists and the eminent composer Mahler.

Artists taking a bow at the Culture and Convention Centre Lucerne
(Conductor Yu Long, Composer Xiaogang Ye, Soprano Xiaoying Xu, with Baritone Chenye Yuan)

Under the leadership of Art Director Yu Long and conductor Lin Daye, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra returned from Europe with great success. Wu Promotion is proud of introducing such highly qualified musicians to the international stage.Thanks to the support of Switzerland's local cable car Titlis Rotair, the Guang Zhou Symphony orchestra had an unforgettable experience climbing Titlis, one of the most famous mountains in the Urner Alps of Switzerland.


"Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra plays to full house in Europe"
--- Su Lei, Guangzhou Daily, 2010-12-10