French Pianist Maxime Zecchini's First China Tour

French Pianist Maxime Zecchini had just completed his first tour in China.

Giving a concert at the Mengminwei Concert Hall on November 29th

French Pianist Maxime Zecchini had just completed his first tour in China. From November 22nd to December 3rd, Zecchini performed in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangzhou, and left a deep impression on classical music lovers. As one of the few pianists who specialize in left hand, he played with impeccable techniques and a total professionalism that were admired by Chinese music enthusiasts.

During one of the interview, Zecchini said: "when I was practicing Ravel’s Transcription of the Concerto for the left hand a few years ago, I felt a strong resonance with this piece. Just imagine what a challenge it would be if I use only one hand to take over the work of two. Later, I also found out that many composers prefer creating pieces for left hand because only a few people have the skills and talents to play it well. These works also show the flexibility and power of the bass. Creating the entire sound effect of a whole orchestra with merely one hand, I like this challenge. "

Zecchini’s first China tour was very successful; he won a full house for each concert. His own revision of Ravel’s Transcription of the Concerto for the left hand has been the highlight of the concerts. More than fifty students were waiting in front of the dressing room after his performance in Nankai University, hoping to have the opportunity to talk and take a picture with him. Zecchini is not only a left hand master but also a specialist in composition. He explained: "when I perform with my left hand, I can totally concentrate on playing while relaxing the rest of my body, I never feel tired." Zecchini’s concert in Mengminwei Concert Hall on Dec. 7th was even more remarkable. He had to play five encores, some were his own compositions: Excalibur, Rendez-vous and Nostalgia. Still it was not enough for the audience and they keep applauding after he his final acknowledgement.

Visiting the Great Wall

During this tour, Zecchini visited many interesting sites in China. One of the most impressive sceneries he visited was the Great Wall. He was very much amazed by this miraculous historical site. Except the time spending on preparing the concerts, he also sought opportunity to taste Chinese tea, to feel the pure oriental aroma. From his words, he showed a deep affection for this mysterious oriental country. Zecchini said he would like to again tour China to give his best performance to the Chinese audience.