Wu Promotion presents Beijing People’s Art Theatre’s classic production "Teahouse"

The Beijing People’s Art Theatre staged Lao She’s most famous production "Teahouse" in Hamburg.

On July 2nd and 3rd, organized by Wu Promotion, the Beijing People’s Art Theatre staged Lao She’s most famous production “Teahouse” in the Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Hamburg. For Wu Promotion the tour marked a milestone in its more than 20 years existence, as it was the first time for the company, who has toured Chinese traditional and symphony music as well as Kun and Peking Opera, to present a Chinese drama production abroad. The fact that “Teahouse”, was the production that brought Chinese Drama on the international theatre scene, makes this an even more special event.


The tour was not only a highlight for Wu Promotion but also for the Beijing People’s Art Theatre who on the occasion of the 110 birth anniversary of their former (and first) artistic director, Jiao Juyin returned to Germany with this classic Chinese Drama, “Teahouse”. It was in 1980 that Beijing People's Art Theatre for the first time staged a production abroad and now 35 years later they brought back this same production that marked the start of their international touring.

The performances of Teahouse in Hamburg, featuring stars like Liang Guanhua, PuCunxin, Yang Lixin and FengYuanzheng were a great success. The performance on the 2nd was nearly sold out while the performance on the 3rd gained full house and people were even asking for standing tickets. The audience was impressed by the delicate stage design and above all surprised by the many roles. We are looking forward to our next cooperation with Beijing People’s Theatre and Deutsches Schauspielhaus, and hopefully we will tour Teahouse again within the next 35 years.



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